Enjoy Great Food at Taste of Vista

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and thoroughly enjoyed Fathers day of 2010.If you took a walk with an empty stomach yesterday, I am sure your mouth watered as your nostrils filled with the scents of grilling marinated steaks, burgers, and brats coming from the backyards of local San Diego, and Carlsbad, and Encinitas homes. For many, the weekend was the first day backyard grills were fired up for the season and served as a reminder of how delicious summer time grilled food is!

It is easy to let the summer slip by almost unnoticed. Not doing enough to harness the longest days of the year as well as breaking a daily routine to spend time doing outdoor activities is the sole cause of most persons’ mid September questioning of where the summer went. It is too easy to sleep in on days off and spend evenings watching a movie or TV show. Don’t let that happen! Save the remote for the winter and try to do as much summertime activities as you possibly can this season! Don’t wait for the weekend to have fun, summertime will fly by if you do!

If yesterday reminded you to eat good food this summer, make sure to take a step out of your Carlsbad or Vista home and sample some fine food at the Taste of Vista! Don’t worry about missing work, the Taste of Vista is a late afternoon/evening event and does not start until 4 pm on Wednesday June 23rd. It will be held on Main Street between North Indiana Avenue and Michigan Avenue and is going to be an awesome opportunity for residents to sample the food of local restaurants and eating establishments. It will be an ideal weeknight event, ending around 8 oclock, and host to only a few hundred of expected attendees.

The newly opened Sonic restaurant will be present this Wednesday.

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