Why now is the Best Time to Sell Your Home in Cardiff

It means everything when it comes to getting your home in Cardiff sold in this season. Two big factors in this process is getting is getting the asking price you were looking for and enticing numerous buyers for your Cardiff real estate.

According to Realtor.com, they map out why spring is the best time to sell, sell, sell.

Spring and Summer

To add with the flowers blossoming and the trees regaining their leaves back, it could also bring an influx of funds into your final asking price of your home in Cardiff. One of the biggest reasons why families tend to wait around till spring or summer, is because they want that break in the school calendar. Nobody wants to take their kids out of the school during the school year.

Obviously in California, it’s pleasant all-year round, but it’s always better when there is no precipitation involved in the move – like in the winter time. Realtors say that 50 percent of homes nation-wide are sold during the summer months

Fall and Winter

There are times when we miss that peak time for selling your home in Cardiff, but you can’t do anything but move when you are relocated because of work. It’s not the end of the world through. The fall season adds curb appeal with the seasonal decorations – i.e. pumpkins, gourds etc. Plus the fact that it is not winter yet is always a good thing.

However in winter – many homebuyers in Cardiff tend to wait around. Like the fall, the ornaments for winter holidays are good during this season. It may be a time where owners are moving to close faster because they want everything completed for the holidays hit. The price of homes in Cardiff usually drop compared to the spring and the summer. Mainly this happens because there is a lower demand in homes for sale in Cardiff.


It may not solely matter on the season of selling a home quickly. Where you live has a lot to do with it. If you’re in a place like Florida – where the winter months are very warm – it could be ideal for not selling those homes.

However, in Cardiff, you will still see an increase during the spring and summer in the real estate market. Have a Realtor assist you when you’re about to sell!

By Linda Moore

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