Time for Spring Cleaning at Your Encinitas House!

Spring is in the air here in Encinitas and you know what that means…spring cleaning time! I just made a post yesterday about tips on organizing clutter in your Encinitas home, and now I want to share a few hints on what to do with all your old things and getting your house in Encinitas cleaned up for spring and summertime visitors.

Springtime means new fashions at the mall and it usually leads a lot of people in Encinitas to the malls for new outfits or accessories. Be sure to go through your old wardrobe before you go shopping for new clothes and see what you can live without and what you can replace with your new items. You can donate your old clothes at a resale shop to help people in need and create some more space in your closet for more new clothes!

Be sure to do the same throughout your house, especially in your garage or storage areas. Find some things that you just don’t use or need anymore and donate it to clear out some space. Depending on how much things you donate around your house, you may end up qualifying for a tax rebate, so be sure to look online for the proper procedure of itemizing your donated items.

Once you get all the extra and unused items donated and out of your house, it’s then time for the hard part: cleaning! Your Encinitas house could benefit from a thorough cleaning, and if you are not going to spring for a cleaning service in Encinitas, then you need to roll up your sleeves and take on the cleaning project head on!

Just like how I mentioned in yesterdays post, don’t start with the room in your house that needs the most cleaning. Begin with the closets and bathrooms as they only require a short amount of time. It’s best to be meticulous and clean the areas that you normally don’t. After some of the smaller rooms, be sure to give your kitchen a good cleaning as that is the main area where germs and bacteria collect. Scrub counter tops, cabinets, the floor and the walls to give it a sparkling new shine. If you’re feeling up to it, take a while to get all the food out of your refrigerator and clean the shelves and drawers.

After the kitchen, you can move on to your living room or family room. Make sure to vacuum under the couches, move the cabinets and TV stand around to vacuum and clean the room, and move statues and pictures around to dust all your furniture. It’s going to be time consuming and quite a menial task, but you’ll be happy once the job is done and your Encinitas house is sparkling clean and ready for a whole new season of visitors, guests, and parties!

Be sure to have plenty of cleaning supplies, extra paper towels, extra big garbage bags, and a good attitude. A clean home is a happy home, and you’ll be satisfied in a job well done! So roll up your sleeves, apply a little elbow grease, and get your house cleaned up for the Spring and Summer months!

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