A Few Tips for Decorating Your First House

When you move into your first home, decorating it can seem like a bit of an overwhelming task. You are usually moving from a small one-bedroom apartment into a full sized house and that can feel like way too much square footage to decorate. Here is a great article from HGTV with tips on how to decorate your very first home:



These are the six tips that they give out to any and every one moving into their first home:

1) Clean house at the old place: go ahead and be courageous by getting rid of 25-50% of your old stuff from your college days or your childhood home. This is a great time to start over.

2) Always start with the bedroom: get some new bedding first or perhaps paint the bedroom wall.

3) Don’t buy everything for the house at once: wait a little while until you have been there for a bit to make purchase decisions so that you can be better familiar with the place and what you need most.

4) Fight the initial urge to match: there isn’t a need to be so matchy-matchy. If there is mis-match, then that is okay!

5) Tie everything together with color: it is totally fine even if your collection of furniture is crazy and weird and spanning many decades. You can tie all those things together using color.

6) Solve practical problems inexpensively: there are many ways to fix or improve things very inexpensively. Take the time to find those ways so you can spend your money on the bigger things.

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