Top Trends in 2014 in your Bathroom

There many new state-of-the-art trends going on with appliances going on the bath industry. Some of the new products that are being introduced to your home are smart showers and faucets, stereo installment, sound systems and water saving fixtures like low-flow toilets to  name a few.

However, even if you don’t need some of these new extremely contemporary items, you still should keep your bathroom’s design and decor updated, and according to, these are five bathroom styles that becoming popular in the beginning stages of 2014.

Black is in: Bold colors have been introduced into the world of remodeling bathrooms. Although tubs, faucets, lighting and tile are being converted to black ditching neutral colors. The reason to get away from your whites and your neutral colors is to give variety in a past style that seemed so sterile and common. It highlights and becomes more of a focal point to the white drywall.

Matte Tiles: Instead of your basic gloss tiles, matte tiles have stepped to the forefront. “There are so many incredible tiles available now in the soft, powdery matte finish of natural concrete in shades ranging from the palest of greys to off-blacks,” said Erin Feasby of a Toronto design firm entitled Feasby & Bleeks to These tiles are good for the walls of your shower or on the floor.

Curb less Showers: A seamless and continuous look on the floor are done with the curb less showers. The flooring that starts at the threshold of the bathroom continues all the way into the shower, and it offers a great feature as the draining runs under the glass of the shower rather than the center of the shower room.

Ledges in the Bathroom: The ledges in the bathroom offers a bunch of different features, like a freestanding tub, vanities, and other assorted features. It not only builds medicine cabinets and shelving for the tub, it just keeps great practical storage space. The detail of the stone or tile goes well with the rest of the bathroom as well according Feasby.

Floating Vanity: This gives a clean look and keeps sinks and cabinets off the floor. Even if your bathroom space is not as large as you’d like it to be, incorporating floating vanities could give the space a larger feel. It’s definitely more useful when cleaning and the nostalgic and refurbished vanity style show’s off the flooring.  

Floating Vanities

By Linda Moore

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