A Total Toilet Transformation

A Total Toilet Transformation

Have you ever been at a friend’s dinner party and visited the washroom and thought, “Wow!”? Hopefully this exclamation within your head (or even muttered under your breathe) had a lot to do with how much more vibrant, sleeker, and totally trendy the bathroom was compared to yours and not because of its cleanliness (ew). Well, don’t fret because our friends at ApartmentThearpy.com have complied a few suggestions and tricks to make sure that sink doesn’t stink and that a breath of fresh air is the only thing you’ll be smelling when you enter the bathroom.

Know What You Want

Your bathroom is an extension of how you’ve designed and decorated your home, and therefore, and extension of yourself. While they don’t have to match in sophistication levels, you do want them to have similar looks, themes, or decorative crossovers—colors can always solve a problem.

Are you going to shiplap, beadboard, wallpaper, or paint the walls? Wood or tile on the floors? Not going to this extravagance? That’s okay too, but Beadboarding seems to be on the rise, while being a relatively simple DIY home project. Here are some ways you can make the washroom turn a few heads.

Add A Little Storage

If you decide to put up a nice bit of beadboards (about 2/5 of the wall) adding a little ledge will not only give you a considerate and eloquent look near the toilet to place decorations, but a few inches of practical space for guests to place their belongings. Searching for places to hang things? Place a few old-fashioned looking hooks for towels and robes.

The Dresser was a Sink

You’ve seen them in restaurants going for the “American-rustic” vibe or craft cocktail bars that channel the bootlegging backrooms of 1920s speakeasy’s, but reinventing an old dresser into the console for your sink not only conceals the messy pipes and cleaning supplies, but sends out a creative sentiment throughout the room—depending on the color, tone, and look, of course. From a practical stand-point, you should also have a little extra bit of room for washroom items.

Opposites Attract

If you’re in the mood to completely change-up the bathroom, don’t be afraid to take a few risks, because sometimes your own personal creativity will pay off. If you’re beadboarding the lower portion of the wall near an area that is slanted, use that upper half for a boisterous wallpaper that accents the room or an uncommon muted paint tone.

Did these help? Need a few more? Check out Michelle Gage’s original article at ApartmentTherapy.com:


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