Trick-or-Treating Tips for Parents

Tonight is the night. I hope you have bought all the candy you need to satisfy all those trick-or-treaters. However, you might need some advice if you are taking your kids out tonight instead of being the one who hands out the candy. Here are some great safety tips and advice to make your night out with the kids as enjoyable as possible:

  1. Plan a route out in advance: pick places that you are more familiar with to avoid getting lost!
  2. Wear comfy shoes and make sure the shoelaces are double-tied.
  3. Stay well-lit: use some reflective tape on the kid’s costumes, bring a flashlight even if it’s still light out when you leave.
  4. Make sure all the costumes are short enough because too long dresses, robes, or pants can drag along the ground and cause the kids to trip.
  5. Avoid masks: they can make it difficult to see or breathe so perhaps you can use some non-toxic make-up instead.
  6. Use flexible props: if you can, avoid weapons as accessories. But if you do need them to complete the outfit then make sure it is rubber or plastic.
  7. Check your kid’s candy: when sorting through the kid’s candy at the end, throw out the candy that isn’t in its original wrapper especially if your child has allergies.


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