Go Out and Vote!

Today is election day! Can you believe it? It has been one of the most insane campaign seasons ever. When election day comes along, many folks doubt the importance of their vote. This is one of the main reasons the United States has a very low voter turnout. A lot of us believe that are vote doesn’t actually change the result because of our state’s loyalties. To persuade you otherwise I have found a great article on Huffington Post, an article I believe is mostly unbiased, on why it is important to get out there and vote. The article gives seven reasons you should vote today:

1. “It is not just the president on the ballot.”

You will be voting for the senate and the house as well. There are also local elections going on which can usually directly affect you.

2. “Higher turnout makes our democracy more representative.”

When you change the economic and racial demographics of the voter turnout, those statistics can affect the decisions make in government.

3. “To the voters go the spoils.”

Counties with higher voter turnout can sometimes get increased funding from the state.

4. “The margin of victory can be important.”

Having a larger margin for a successful candidate can make it much easier for an elected official to advance their agenda.

5. “Even a vote for a third party can have an impact.”

By voting for a third party, you could increase the discussion surrounding the possible issues with the two-party system.

6. “Voting is a right generations of Americans struggled to win – and people in other countries are still fighting for.”

Women, African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans have fought for the right to vote; therefore, voting should not be taken lightly.

7. “Voting is your voice.”

It is your chance to make yourself heard.


Here is the original article:


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