What to Look for In Your Encinitas Neighborhood

When shopping for a new home for sale in Encinitas keep in mind what you want in a neighborhood.

While the actual features of a new home for sale are essential to your house hunting, it is possible to add an extra bedroom or remodel a family room and not possible to add a school or shopping center. Keep these features of a neighborhood in mind when you search for your new home in Encinitas.


Whether or not you have children, it is important to consider the proximity of your home to local schools. The quality of the school district and the location of the nearest school will directly impact the value of your home and luckily Encinitas is home to some of the finest schools in California.


Always take into account how long the commute to and from will be for your new home. The average commute in San Diego County from 2006 to 2010 was roughly 24.6 minutes. Consider using Google Maps to plot and plan your commute time from possible homes you want to buy.

Shops, Restaurants, and Parks

Considering your proximity to not just strip malls and shopping centers, but to local restaurants and retail outlets can be key. Additionally, look at where your future real estate is located compared to local parks and recreation areas. Luckily, most homes in Encinitas are located near some of the best local shops and restaurants, but also beautifully scenic parks and recreation areas.

When house hunting, talk to your Realtor in Encinitas about the ideal neighborhood you want to live in and what each neighborhood in Encinitas has to offer you.

By Linda Moore



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